Circles and Circular Shapes

Anne's work is based on the Native American belief of the living circle and that all life exists in balance and harmony within the circle. The paintings here all show circular movement either by an actual painting of a circle or rounded forms. Fenway Park shows semi-circular shapes as seen in the baseball diamond or those of the park.

Spoleto has circular forms but these forms melt into the landscape so that the sky, the land and trees all move together. Circular forms in this painting connect other shapes creating a flow within the piece.

Dancing Spirits. The circle in the box represents sun. The figures are glass.

Living Worlds. We all live in two worlds, the world of the present and the world of fantasy or imagination.

Outside In. In this painting the circle is broken into large sweeps of organic shapes.

All the above are examples of how Anne uses circles and circular shapes to create movement and a flow from one area of the painting to another.